The Wednesday Wellness Break


Where do great ideas come from? 

Not from trying harder, according to Jonah Lehrer, author of the new book, Imagine: How Creativity Works.

“The question becomes, what happens if you hit the wall?…Get away from your desk. Step away from the office. Take a long walk. Daydream. Find some way to relax…What scientists have found is that when people are relaxed, they’re much more likely to have those big ‘A ha!’ moments, those moments of insight where these seemingly impossible problems get solved…The answer will only arrive once you stop looking for it.”     

Good ideas, “A ha!” moments, and creative solutions come from a relaxed state and from every level of an organization.  More companies are wising up and creating opportunities for employees to relax, connect, and share their insights. Take 3M, Google, and Apple.  All three of these companies are incredibly successful and focused on supporting the wellness of their employees, creating opportunities to take time out, connect with others, and share their ideas.

Here at GUWellness we are embracing the latest research in neurobiology.  We believe in supporting the wellness of the whole person and that every employee has creative insights, wisdom, and ideas worth being heard and shared. Today we are unveiling a new and innovative opportunity for Benefits employees to cultivate more peace and relaxation in their day.  We are creating an opportunity for us to come together as community and share our insights and creative ideas. Today we introduce the Wednesday Wellness Break.

So what is the Wellness Break?

Every Wednesday at 2 PM we will be getting up from our desks, closing down the office, and taking a break. We’ll then have the opportunity to share with each other how we relaxed and nurtured ourselves.

What will this break entail? 

You relaxing. No cell phones to answer. No emails to reply to. Just you – recentering and recharging.

Stay Inside or Go Outside?

Feel free to do what you need to do to relax – nap, walking meditation, soak up the sun in the quiet courtyard, visit one of the quiet spaces close to campus. We’ll post ideas to get you started, places and spaces to reflect, and ways to de-stress every week.

Sharing Insights and Building Community

Connecting Virtually When you return from your Wellness Break, take a moment and visit, our online gathering place for this little expirement. Post a line or two about how you nurtured yourself or an insight that came to you during your Wellness Break.  See what others have written.  Comment on their posts.
Connecting at Staff Meetings At our staff meetings, we will also have an opportunity to share our insights and experiences.  We’ll share some of the posts from our virtual community
Connecting in Person During the day, take a moment to ask a colleague what they are doing to relax, manage stress, or nurture themselves. Share with them what you are doing.  Invite a colleague to join you next Wednesday, but remember that wellness is a lifestyle. Incorporate it into your everyday routine!

Benefits and Beyond

Our hope is that our presence inspires other GU offices to take a Wednesday Wellness Break.  We envision the whole GU community in solidarity with one another, embracing the wisdom of neuroscience and the sages, and taking a break.  For half an hour, the whole community relaxing, recentering, and reconnecting.

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