The Wednesday Wellness Break

Places and Spaces

You may have noticed some recent additions to the rear conference room in the Benefits Office. We wanted to create a space for us to spend our break when the weather isn’t cooperating, but didn’t feel like being tied to your desk. You will find a CD player and disks for guided meditation, soothing sounds, or audiobooks, paper and art supplies for expressing your creative (or even goofy) side, essential oils for some quick aromatherapy, even yoga cards for when you feel the need to move! You will also notice the addition of our GUWellness Lending Library, made up of a few hand picked texts from our very own staff. We encourage all of you to borrow from it and contribute copies of your own favorite wellness themed texts, just remember to label the books you are lending, and sign them out when you borrow. Over the next few weeks we will be scrapping together supplies for an outdoor relaxation area in the lower area of Dahlgren Quad behind Charles’ office. If you have any chairs, mats, or outdoor seating supplies (or any other easily movable things you would like to contribute to the space) please feel free to bring them in!

We have also mapped out a few quiet spots for you to spend your Wellness Break, some inside, some out. The map itself is collaborative, so if you discover a secret space you would like to share with the group, click the link to view the larger map, log in to your Google account and hit the edit button. Drop a pin or draw a path, just be sure to leave a brief description!

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